Measure Optics & Systems at Their Design Wavelength

Wavefront error metrology of coated optics at their design wavelength: your wavelength is our standard!

Whether they have a spectral coating or simple anti-reflective or high-reflectance coatings, most of the optical components are made to work in a specific spectral range. Optical performances and specifications should thus be given in the spectral range those optics have been designed for. Get rid of the 633 nm laser interferometry tyranny, and trust Phasics for a wavefront error metrology that makes sense! Your wavelength is our standard. All of our wavefront sensors and metrology machines are based on our patented Quadriwave Lateral Shearing Interferometry technology which provides truly achromatic transmitted and reflected wavefront error measurements.

  • ▽ Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE) measurement setups

    Transmission Wavefront Error (TWE) measurement setups. Large wavelength range options: UV VIS NIR SWIR MWIR LWIR

    Depending on the component under test and the metrology requirements, transmitted wavefront error (TWE) measurement can be performed in single or double pass configuration. Phasics' solutions are diverse: fully integrated machine, modular solution developed by Phasics' engineers or standalone SID4 wavefront sensor you integrate in your own test system. Phasics' wavefront sensing technology is achromatic and compatible with a large range of sources: lasers, LEDs, tunable lasers, black bodies. This allows the metrological tests to be performed in conditions as close as possible to the working conditions of the optics or systems under test. 

  • ▽ Reflected Wavefront Error (RWE) measurement setups

    Reflected wavefront error (RWE) measurement setups on axis. Large wavelength range options: UV VIS NIR SWIR MWIR LWIR

    For reflected wavefront error (RWE) measurements, Phasics proposes integrated test benches and machines as well as accessories such as the R-Cube illumination module. The choice of the illumination source is flexible and allows matching the coating specificities.

  • ▽ Off-axis setups

    Reflected wavefront error (RWE) measurement setups off axis - Large wavelength range options: UV VIS NIR SWIR MWIR LWIR

    Based on the same principle as described above, wavefront error  measurement can be performed off-axis


Measurement examples

WFE and MTF measurement of a LWIR objective at 10.6 microns with QWSLI technology

TWE & MTF | F/1 lens | 10.6 µm

RWE measurement of a coated surface at 2040 nm with QWSLI technology

RWE | flat 3" surface | 2040 nm

Surface measurement at 3 different wavelengths  using Kaleo Multiwave and QWSLI technology

RWE | 4" constrained mirror | 3λ


Versatile technology

  • Multiple λ in the same test bench
  • Plano optics or imaging optics
  • RWE and TWE on & off axis

Powerful unique technology

  • True achromaticity
  • Polarization independent
  • Large dynamics

Easy to integrate 

  • Plug and play wavefront sensor
  • Small form factor
  • Not sensitive to vibrations


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