Kaleo IR

Spectral Range SWIR (900 - 1700 nm) eSWIR (1.7 - 2.35 µm) MWIR (3 - 5 μm) LWIR (8 -14 μm)

MTF & aberrations in a single shot in NIR, SWIR, MWIR & LWIR

The Phasics Kaleo IR optical test bench makes infrared lens quality control simple. MTF is obtained in a single shot at all frequencies with no need for scanning or complex alignment. Wavefront aberrations are also provided with a single acquisition. The Kaleo IR optical test bench performs as a cost-effective infrared interferometer for any wavelengths in the SWIR, MWIR, or LWIR regions.

Key Features

  • Multiple infrared wavelengths on a same bench
  • Single shot MTF and WFE measurements
  • On & off axis infinite to finite configuration


Optics metrology and optical system alignment


Kaleo IR

Wavelength range SWIR - MWIR - LWIR
Beam size Few mm to hundred of mm
Configuration single / double pass - on / off axis - infinite to finite - infinite to infinite - finite to infinite
Measurements type MTF - WFE - Comparaison to design

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