Wavefront sensing solution from UV to LWIR compatible with any laser

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On May 18th, 2020 the 60th birthday of the laser's invention was celebrated. In only 60 years, the laser evolved from an optics lab invention to a widely used industrial product. Nowadays, lasers are everywhere and support an extensive range of applications. The Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors help laser engineers and technicians to align, measure and control the quality of the laser systems they produce.

green laser being aligned

Laser system alignment

Benefiting from live measurement of wavefront aberations, intensity profiles, and beam parameters, SID4 wavefront sensors are the perfect tools to support and ease the alignment process of any laser systems.

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green industrial laser

Laser quality control

At the end of the production process, manufactured lasers pass an acceptance test. Beam profiles, wavefront aberrations, M2, Strehl ratio, etc. can easily be measured in a single aquisition with SID4 wavefront sensors.

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green laser going through a window to be qualified with SID4

Complete laser qualification

In a single shot-measurement and without any scanning, the SID4 software calculates the complete set of laser parameters: wavefront, intensity profiles, waist size and position, divergence, Strehl ratio, M2…

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