Application Markets

Phasics unique wavefront sensing technology serves a broad range of photonics-related markets

Applications markets for Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors

Phasics' wavefront sensors and test-station applications span from laser beam characterization and control with adaptive optics feedback, optical testing (components, assemblies, subassemblies, systems) and quantitative phase imaging applied to life and material science. Those applications are playing important roles in diverse and demanding markets: 

high power laser facilities - bright yellow laser light

High-intensity laser facilities

Industrial green laser

Laser industry

Optical components and lenses

Optical components and assemblies

optical filter

Coated optics

life science applications

Life science

Image of a material structure

Material science

SID4 wavefront sensor integrated on a production line

OEM integration

woman with a VR headset


Smartphone lens components view


Astronomical observatory


Free space optical communications satellites constellation

Free-space optical communications

optical system for vision - defense application


Satellite over earth


car with ADAS systems


semiconductor wafer


quantum computer

Quantum computing

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