Accurate measurement of large FOV, large CRA smartphone lens in a single click

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Photo and video capabilities are one of the major differentiators for flagship smartphones, which drive innovation in miniature imaging optics. Multi-lens designs cover visible and IR ranges, and non-imaging sensors are getting ubiquitous. From design to final assembly, wavefront metrology is essential to ensure cutting-edge imaging quality.

smartphone - multi cameras

Imaging lens quality control

Miniature high-quality lenses require precise design and alignment of complex subassemblies. The high resolution and dynamic range of SID4 wavefront sensors make them perfect tools for R&D metrology as well as complete lens quality control after final assembly.

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Smartphone lens open view of the components

Assembly optimization

Final imaging quality is measured by MTF. Maximizing MTF requires precise control of individual aberrations as well as alignment of all components. Accurate and live wavefront measurement is key to understand and correct the source of optical defects.

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face recognition with a smartphone

Non-imaging sensor quality control

Face recognition, time-of-flight, and spectrometric sensors integrated in smartphones require precise collimation and alignment that can be leveraged by wavefront sensing. Also, optical filters and windows can be controlled using Phasics' test stations.

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