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Optical systems for the aerospace industry are diverse and complex. As reliability and robustness take top priority for those components, high-precision metrological tools able to perform under demanding conditions are needed. Whether it is for space telescopes, free-space optical communication constellations, or optical imager systems, Phasics proposes a large range of metrological solutions. Phasics also has experience in the development of wavefront metrology solutions for optical ground support equipment instrumentation.

Mars Rover

Optical Ground Support Equipment

Optical ground support equipment (OGSE) instrumentation is an extremely accurate equipment. Their goal is to ensure instruments are operating as expected before launch. Thanks to powerful capabilities and ease of use, SID4 wavefront sensors are the perfect wavefront measurement tools for easy integration in OGSE instrumentation.

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Mars Rover

Optical system alignment

Precise, in situ alignment and collimation of optical systems are  made easy with the SID4 wavefront sensor. Live alignment of complex optical systems in  the UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR is accessible thanks to the large SID4 range. Typical samples under test are space optical components, subassemblies, and assemblies. 

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Deformable mirror testing

Characterization of deformable mirrors and spatial light modulators for active and adaptive optics is performed with SID4 HR wavefront sensor. The high resolution combined with compactness allow in-situ surface testing and influence-function measurements of deformable mirrors (DFM) with unprecedented accuracy.

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Environmental testing

Using the Phasics SID4 V vacuum compatible wavefront sensor with low-outgassing materials, it is now possible to test space optical systems in the environmental chamber. Combined with an R-Cube module, it allows double-pass testing of optical systems and monitoring the wavefront distortions as temperature and pressure are varied.

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