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Innovation and expertise in high-resolution wavefront sensing

PHASICS, founded in 2003, offers state-of-the-art optics metrology and imaging solutions, from standalone SID4 wavefront sensors to fully automated test benches, Kaleo MTF, MultiWAVE, and a fully modular metrology solution, Kaleo Kit. This range of wavefront measurement systems and quantitative phase imaging solutions is based on innovative, high-resolution wavefront-sensing technology. PHASICS' unique, patented wavefront sensing technology is called QuadriWave Lateral Shearing Interferometry (QWLSI). This technology was developed to overcome the Shack-Hartmann limitations: it offers ultra-high resolution, high sensitivity (sub-nanometric), and a wide dynamic range (hundreds of microns).

PHASICS has a strong customer focus and cares about satisfying all its customers' needs. Its robust R&D team develops innovative features, explores new applications, and customizes standard configurations to customers' requests. Thanks to these large innovative projects, PHASICS covers a wide range of applications, including laser testing, adaptive optics, lens alignment and quality control, refractive index mapping in materials, quantitative phase imaging for biology, and plasma and gas density measurements …

With more than 90% of its revenue made abroad, PHASICS' worldwide presence is supported by its US branch, PHASICS CORP and a strong network of distributors.

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Quality commitment

Certified ISO 9001:2015

logo ISO 9001 afnorPhasics obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2019. Our primary objective is to make our customers fully benefit from our innovative technology. Our teams commit to offer their best expertise to deliver high-quality solutions that meet and exceed each user’s expectations. Our Quality Management System – certified through ISO 9001 – monitors all our processes from R&D to after-sales services and includes specific metrology methods to qualify our instruments and algorithms.


Company values

Phasics company values


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