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The importance of free-space optical communications (FSOC) systems is growing steadily. Whether ground or space based, those systems must perform under demanding conditions to reach ever greater communication distances with ultimate reliability and speed. Phasics offers a unique range of SWIR wavefront sensors with the highest resolution on the market to ensure FSOC systems perform their complex tasks.

free space optical communications - satellite with a beam light pointing towards earth

In-situ alignment

Precise in-situ alignment and metrological inspection of optical assemblies and subassemblies are performed with Phasics' wavefront solutions, as well as environmental wavefront and optical performance testing.

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city network communications FSOC

High-precision collimation

The SID4 wavefront sensors and Kaleo metrology solutions offer tools for high-precision collimation of free-space optical communication optical systems. Live display of the wavefront is used for in-situ characterization and assembly of light source and optical systems.

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artist illustration of connectivity with FSOC

Optical filters qualification

Specific narrow band-pass filters with demanding performance are achieved using complex coatings. Accurate metrology requires testing in the working conditions. The Kaleo MultiWAVE offers TWE and RWE tests of optical filters at the designed wavelengths.

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