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Owing to the tremendous progress witnessed in the past 15 years, quantitative phase imaging (QPI) has emerged as a valuable label-free imaging method for investigating cells and tissues. Operating on unlabeled specimens and exhibiting lower phototoxicity and no photobleaching, QPI is complementary to established fluorescence microscopy. It provides an objective and quantitative measure of cells morphology and dynamics. Easiest QPI technique to integrate, Phasics solutions are an asset for high content screening platforms coupled with artificial intelligence to enable automated diagnosis.

COS 7 cells imaged via quantitative phase image

Cytology: single-cell characterization

Providing quantitative and morphological measurements, quantitative phase imaging (QPI) is the perfect label-free live-cell imaging technique to characterize and monitor cells. With unprecedented contrast and ease of use, it gives access to the geometry, volume, mass and other phenotypic characteristics of unlabelled specimens. 

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High content screening platform with a microscope and an incubator

High-content screening platform

The Phasics patented QWLSI method is the only easy-to-integrate QPI technology. Compatible with any standard microscope, our camera-like instruments are easily integrated as an add-on imaging technique. Upgrade your high-content screening platform with our powerful QPI systems and monitor cell cultures over long periods of time.

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multi well plate test device

Pharmacology: drug discovery and testing

Perform parallel and automated label-free drug perturbation assays thanks to Phasics' innovative QPI instruments. With a seamless integration into any laboratory or existing imaging platform, our camera-like instruments allow monitoring critical characteristics of cell cultures over extended periods of time.

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virus and cells

Immunology and oncology

Long-term non-invasive live-cell imaging of the immune system lets you observe and analyze interactions of T cells, immune system cells, and cancer cells. Phasics' QPI systems provide high contrast and quantitative information that can be monitored over extended periods of time and then combined to provide insightful observations.

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red blood cells - hematology


Combining high resolution, unprecedented contrast, and wide field of view, Phasics' QPI systems allow precisely measuring morphology, volume, and mass of cells. It is then easy to extract statistical information from single-shot images and perform classifications among large cell populations.

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Mitochondria and intra cellular structures

Mitochondria dynamics and cell metabolism

With their unique high resolution, sensitivity, and contrast, Phasics' QPI systems help you explore cellular metabolism. Combined with advanced algorithms, they can track small vesicles movements and analyze intra-cellular dynamics.

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Tissue imaging in phase


Providing unrivalled contrast and quantitative measurements, the Phasics QPI label-free technique is an excellent complementary imaging modality to standard fluorescence microscopy. Easy merging between both modalities with one single instrument allows for immediate comparative study and gives access to extended knowledge while requiring less sample preparation.

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In vitro fecondation

In-vitro fertilization (IVF)

With its unique quantitative measurements summarizing the global content of cells and their phenotypic response to environmental conditions, QPI gives access to more information about the imaged specimen. Coupled with advanced algorithms, QPI is enriching the available knowledge on eggs and sperm cells and can help with assessing or predicting embryo viability and IVF performance.

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Gold nanoparticles heated by a green laser

Photothermal therapy

The laser light-controlled thermoplasmonic effect is at the core of photothermal therapy for cancer treatment. The precise control and measurement of the temperature distribution at the microscale generated by the excitation of metallic nano-structures is critical for these high-precision techniques. QPI has been proven to precisely monitor temperature changes in those configurations.

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