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Modern optical design and assembly benefit from tremendous innovation in manufacturing technologies: CNC and molding pave the way to complex freeform shapes, high-index materials reduce form factors, and multi-layer coatings bring customized spectral response. High-resolution wavefront sensing helps R&D and QA engineers to meet all measurement challenges from optical design to final assembly.

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Optical system assembly metrology

Complex optical assemblies require precise control of each component. Combining high-resolution and high-dynamics, the SID4 wavefront sensors and Phasics metrology stations are perfectly suited to characterize such components either in single or double pass.

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Optical alignment

Precise positioning and alignment of optical elements are key to ensure the global performance of the final assembly. Live wavefront monitoring is the perfect tool to compare each step to the optical design and ensure optimal performance of the final assembly.

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On / Off-axis characterization

Once assembled, the imaging lenses can be fully characterized on and off axis, with simultaneous measurement of wavefront and imaging performances such as MTF and PSF. Thanks to the Kaleo MTF test station, the measurement process is automated.

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