Kaleo MTF station

Spectral Range UV (190 - 400 nm) VIS - NIR (400 - 1100 nm) SWIR (900 - 1700 nm)

Phasics Kaleo MTF test station

The Kaleo MTF instrument is ideal for measuring sets of lenses at the design, prototyping, or production phase. It delivers the most complete lens characterization: on & off-axis MTF, radiometry, and wavefront error at multiple wavelengths. The Kaleo MTF measurement accuracy remains unchanged even at high CRA and FOV.

Key Features

  • Compatible with large FOV (up to +/- 90°) and CRA (up to 50°) lenses
  • Single shot MTF and WFE measurements
  • On & off axis infinite to finite configuration


Optics metrology and optical system alignment


MTF on-axis Accuracy <1%* - Repeatibility <0.5%*
MTF off-axis Accuracy <2%** - Repeatibility <1%**
MTF max frequency 1000 lp/mm
Distortion Accuracy <0.5% - Repeatibility <0.05%
OPD (on-axis) Accuracy <20nm RMS - Repeatibility <5nm RMS

* This specificaction is obtained for optics measured at 660 nm for 3 frequencies.
** This specification is given over the whole field of view.

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