LWIR and MWIR wavefront sensing is now accessible

Defense - LWIR and MWIR wavefront sensing solution | Phasics

From the ground, seas, and oceans up to the sky and space, all missions require crucial decisions based on advanced observations, tracking and reconnaissance tasks. High-performance systems and components are the key for optimum results. Phasics offers high-precision metrology systems for optical components and systems qualification.

defense optical system with cameras and optics

Active and adaptive optics solution

The Phasics OASys adaptive optics solution is compatible with any deformable mirrors available on the market. The expert adaptive optics software, OASys, coupled with the most advanced wavefront sensor available, SID4, make a great combination for active and adaptive optics correction for  high-energy, high-average-power laser applications.

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military plane with a pilot and HMD

Optical component testing

Phasics' optical metrology solutions cover both stand-alone wavefront sensors and integrated test benches in the visible, NIR, SWIR MWIR and LWIR wavelength range. For the defense market, Phasics' wavefront sensing solutions are used for the qualification and quality control of optical components such as lenses, filters, telescopes, mirrors, etc.

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System and subsystem metrology

Target sighting, acquisition and tracking, multi-spectral imaging, and missile fire-control systems all require strict quality inspection and design to perform at their best. Phasics provides the most advanced wavefront sensors in the IR range. With SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR wavefront sensors, Phasics offers solutions for defense optical systems alignment and quality control.

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