Unique plug & play quantitative phase imaging cameras

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Laser testing and deformable mirror control for ultra-intense laser facilities

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AR/VR components qualification

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Quality control of ADAS camera lenses 

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Complete lenses and assemblies metrology

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Expert optics testing stations

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Supporting challenging optical metrology for space programs

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Phasics quantitative phase imaging technique can be integrated on any optical microscope
Ultrafast ultra intense laser system can be measured with SID4 wavefront sensor and optimized with OASYS adaptive optics loop
Augmented reality headset optical systems can be qualified with SID4 wavefront sensor
ADAS lidar and lens can be controled with phasics optics testing solutions
Lens and assembly are qualified using Phasics unique wavefront sensor and optics test stations
Phasics automated wavefront and MTF measurement test station
Space program benefits from Phasics QWLSI wavefront sensing technology

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Phasics specializes in high-resolution wavefront sensing. Phasics offers a broad range of groundbreaking, high-end wavefront sensors, quantitative phase imaging cameras, integrated optics testing stations and custom-made wavefront measurement systems. Phasics' solutions address a large variety of applications: laser beam characterization, laser optimization with adaptive optics, optical system alignment, optical components testing and quantitative phase microscopy.

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Phasics high-performance wavefront sensors, quantitative phase imaging cameras, and integrated metrology solutions are addressing metrology challenges in a broad range of academic research and industrial markets:

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Slide of agenda of Kaleo MultiWAVE, Phasics multi-wavelength, large dynamaic range interferometer, product demonstration

Product, Videos, Virtual events

Replay: Kaleo MultiWAVE product demosntration

Have you heard about our KALEO MultiWAVE? Kaleo MultiWAVE is a multi-wavelength large dynamic range interferometer. ...

chart of refractive index of a PVA thin film versus temperature, thanks to Phasics SID4 wavefront sensor.

Product, Publication

In-Situ Monitoring of Solidification Process of PVA Solution by Fiber Optic Sensor Technique

In this paper from Purdue University, researchers use a PHASICS wavefront sensor to confirm refractive index ...

Phasics will be at Laser World of Photonics 2022 Hall A6 Booth 212 from April 26 to 29

Conference presentation, Exhibition, Product

Laser World of Photonics 2022

Can't wait to meet you at Laser World of Photonics 2022 in a few days! Phasics ...

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