Custom SID4

Spectral Range UV (190 - 400 nm) VIS - NIR (400 - 1100 nm) SWIR (900 - 1700 nm) eSWIR (1.7 - 2.35 µm) MWIR (3 - 5 μm) LWIR (8 -14 μm)

Phasics  Custom SID4 wavefront sensor

Phasics has the capabilities to develop custom SID4 wavefront sensors to answer your project requirements.

Key Features

  • On-demand aperture size
  • Optimized dynamic range 
  • Integrates any detector


Laser testing, adaptive optics, and plasma diagnostics  Optics metrology and optical system alignment Material inspection  Quantitative phase imaging 


Custom SID4

Wavelenght range Custom
Aperture Custom
Spatial resolution Detector dependent
Phase and Intensity sampling Detector dependent
Resolution (Phase) Custom
Accuracy Custom
Acquisition rate Detector dependent
Interface Detector dependent


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