Spectral Range UV (190 - 400 nm)

Phasics SID4 UV HR (ultra-violet high resolution) wavefront sensor

Based on Phasics' patented technology, the SID4 UV HR wavefront sensor offers both an unrivalled high resolution (355 x 280 measurement points) and a very high sensitivity (1 nm RMS) in the ultraviolet spectrum from 190 nm to 400 nm. Consequently, the SID4 UV HR is perfectly adapted for optical component characterization (used in lithography, semiconductors…) and surface inspection (lens and wafers...).

Key Features

  • Sensitive down to 190 nm
  • High sensitivity – 1 nm RMS
  • Very high resolution (355 x 280 sampling)


Laser testing, adaptive optics, and plasma diagnostics Optics metrology and optical system alignment



Wavelength range 190 - 400 nm
Aperture dimension 13.3 x 13.3 mm²
Spatial resolution 26 µm
Phase and intensity sampling 512 x 512
Resolution (Phase) 1 nm RMS
Accuracy (Absolute) 10 nm RMS
Acquisition rate 30 fps
Real-time processing frequency* 3 fps (full resolution)*
Interface USB3.0
Dimensions (WxHxL) 78 x 88.1 x 70.8 mm³
Weight ~575g

*with SID4 software


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