Wavefront measurement

What is a wavefront sensor?

A wavefront sensor is a metrology tool used to measure optical wavefronts. While the term "wavefront sensor" encompasses various instruments, it specifically refers to wavefront measurement devices that operate independently without requiring a reference beam, such as Fizeau or Twyman-Green interferometers. The main technologies employed in manufacturing wavefront sensors are Shack-Hartmann and lateral shearing interferometry.

Phasics' wavefront sensors are based on the Quadrilateral Shearing Interferometry technique. To learn more about this technology and its advantages compared to Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and Fizeau interferometers, visit our dedicated technology page.

Wavefront measuring devices

Why using a wavefront sensor?

Wavefront sensors have a wide range of applications across various industries. They are commonly used for optics testing and alignment, which includes tasks like measuring surface profiles or reflected wavefront errors, evaluating transmitted wavefront errors, and assessing modulation transfer function. Wavefront sensors also play a crucial role in laser and optical systems qualification and control with adaptive optics. Additionally, they are utilized in material inspection and quantitative phase imaging. Virtually all industries related to photonics can benefit from the use of wavefront sensors. For more detailed information about specific applications of wavefront sensors in each industry, we invite you to visit our dedicated application markets pages.

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Phasics wavefront sensor application range

Benefits of Phasics Wavefront sensors 


  • Interferometric sampling 
  • Up to 850 x 720 wavefront measurements points 
  • 4X more resolution than Shack-Hartmann based wavefront sensors 


  • 10 nm RMS (lambda/100 @ 1 micron) wavefront absolute accuracy thanks to a well-controlled workshop calibration 
  • Down to 1 nm RMS (lambda/1000 @ 1 micron) wavefront sensitivities 


  • At wavelength wavefront metrology UV to LWIR 
  • Wavefront sensors available: UV, VISIBLE, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR 
  • No additional calibration needed when changing the wavelength 


SID4 wavefront sensor range

Phasics' wavefront sensors

Phasics unique wavefront technology QWLSI

Phasics unique wavefront technology

SID4 specifications sheets

Wavefront sensors specifications

Phasics' technology & applications

Phasics' technology & applications

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