Custom optical test bench

Spectral Range UV (190 - 400 nm) VIS - NIR (400 - 1100 nm) SWIR (900 - 1700 nm) eSWIR (1.7 - 2.35 µm) MWIR (3 - 5 μm) LWIR (8 -14 μm)

Phasics Custom made optical test stations

Challenging projects might require custom-made wavefront metrology solutions. The Phasics team develops customized optical test benches and machines built in answer to our clients' project requirements. Phasics' strong team of highly skilled optical, mechanical, electrical, software engineers, and PhDs are ready to tackle your most challenging wavefront metrology challenges.

Key Features

  • Any wavelength on demand: UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR
  • Any configuration: single or double pass, on & off axis, infinite to finite, finite to finite...
  • Complete measurement WFE, MTF, PSF...


Laser testing, adaptive optics, and plasma diagnostics Optics metrology and optical system alignment


Custom Optical test bench

Wavelength range UV - VIS - NIR - SWIR - MWIR - LWIR
Beam size Few mm to hundreds of mm
Configuration single / double pass - on / off axis - infinite to finite - infinite to infinite - finite to infinite
Measurements type MTF - WFE - comparaison to design
Polarization dependance no

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