Lens & Assembly Testing

Easy setup for single-shot MTF and WFE measurements

The unique capability of Phasics' patented Quadri-Wave Lateral Shearing Interferometry (QWLSI) wavefront sensing technology allows the measurement of high numerical aperture beams without the need of any relay optics. This unique advantage simplifies the measurement setup. In a single shot, both wavefront error (WFE) and modulation transfer function (MTF) are measured. The qualification of objective lenses, subassemblies, and final assemblies is complete and easy to implement. Indeed, the SID4 wavefront sensor is simply placed in the diverging beam a few millimeters after the focus. Once measured, the wavefront measurement can be compared to the theoretical Zemax simulations thanks to the Phasics software module DesignPro. Some test protocols still require double-pass testing configuration, which is also compatible with SID4 wavefront sensors.

  • ▽ Single-pass measurement setup

    Singlepass measurement setup with SID4 wavefront sensors

    Phasics offers an exclusive lens measurement principle thanks to its patented technology. The wavefront is directly measured with no relay lens. The SID4 wavefront sensor is placed directly in the diverging beam. Calculations then use light propagation theory to provide both wavefront aberrations and the MTF. The MTF is obtained at any frequency without using a target.

  • ▽ Double-pass measurement setup on axis

    Double pass measurement setup on axis with SID4 wavefront sensor and R-cube illumination module

    More classical approaches with double-pass testing configurations are also accessible but require more alignment and more accessories (mount, reference surfaces...)

  • ▽ Double-pass measurement setup off axis

    Double pass measurement setup off axis with SID4 wavefront sensor and R-cube illumination module

    Off-axis double-pass testing configuration. 


Measurement outputs

After being  measured with QWSLI (SID4 wavefront sensor) the wavefront can be compared to the design

Wavefront comparison to design

On and Off axis MTF is measured with QWSLI (SID4 wavefront sensor)

MTF at any frequency, on & off axis

Zernike polynomials and  optical abberations can be measured with QWSLI (SID4 wavefront sensor)

Optical aberrations


Unique single-pass setup

  • High NA: up to 0.8
  • No relay optics, no null lens
  • Simplified alignment process

Unique optical test setup 

  • Wavefront measurement
  • Comparison to Zemax design
  • MTF and PSF

Reliable measurement

  • At the system working wavelength 
  • High-resolution measurements
  • Robust PSF and MTF calculations


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