Metaoptics & Metasurfaces Qualification

SID4-HR: a powerful and versatile tool for the complete optical characterization of metaoptics

Metasurfaces for optical applications such as metalenses are an exciting and promising technology. Their small size, ease to manufacture at scale, and cost-efficiency will revolutionize multiple optical applications across many industries. Phasics' unique wavefront sensor capabilities are leveraged to control and measure the nanostructures composing the metasurfaces. Also, the optical function, imaging quality, or simply the wavefront shape at the output of the metaoptics can be measured.

  • ▽ Nanostructures inspection measurement setup

    Nanostructures inspection measurement setup the SID4 is simply plugged onto an optical microscope

    A Phasics quantitative phase camera is installed on a standard optical microscope. The metasurface sample is installed and imaged as a classical microscopy observation. In addition to the intensity images, Phasics' software outputs quantitatively the phase features generated by the nanostructures.

  • ▽ Optical function measurement setup

    Metaoptics optical function measurement setup with QWLSI wavefront sensor

    A Phasics SID4 HR wavefront sensor is placed a few millimeters after the metalens focal spot in the diverging beam. In a single acquisition, wavefront, PSF, and MTF are calculated.


Measurement examples

PB Metalens optical function measurement performed with SID4-HR wavefront sensor

Metalens optical function

PSF and MTF measurement in a single shot

Metalens PSF and MTF

Advanced Metaoptics qualification performed with SID4-HR wavefront sensor

Advanced testing: phase profile, through focus calculation, phase vortex


Versatile technology 

  • Wavefront measurement
  • Imaging quality: PSF & MTF in one shot
  • Metasurfaces structures measurement

Strong capabilities

  • High resolution
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Highly reproducible

Robust approach

  • Compatible with standard microscope
  • Easy to integrate
  • Nanometric phase resolution


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