Laser Testing and Adaptive Optics Control

Versatile wavefront sensors meeting laser users' & manufacturers' challenges


Phasics' wavefront sensors stand out for both their unrivalled high resolution and their ease of use.  A single instrument can cover a large scope of uses: beam testing, optical system alignment, adaptive optics, and plasma characterization. Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors offer full versatility to R&D engineers, production teams, and researchers in both ultra-fast and ultra-intense laser research laboratories and in laser manufacturing environments. Beam qualification and correction with adaptive optics can be performed on any type of laser systems from the UV to the LWIR: continuous high power, femtosecond terawatt & petawatt chains, solid state laser, OPCPA, gas laser, tunable laser …

3d image of a laser wavefront test with SID4-HR

Laser beam testing

3d image of a laser system alignment  with SID4-HR

Laser system alignment and testing

3d image of a plasma density measurement setup with SID4 HR wavefront sensor

Gas & plasma density measurement

3d image of an adaptive optics loop with deformable mirror and SID4 wavefront sensor

Adaptive optics solutions


SID4 tackles multiple tasks

  • Laser system testing
  • Adaptive optics
  • Plasma metrology

Unique capabilities 

  • High resolution
  • Large dynamics
  • Nanometric sensitivity


  • No additional calibration
  • Cost-effective multi-wavelength system
  • Any  sources


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