Reliable Qualification of Large CRA & FOV lenses

Modulation transfer function, wavefront error, lens parameters in a single click

Phasics' wavefront sensing technology provides accurate on and off-axis MTF calculation of objective lenses even with large field of view (FOV) and large chief ray angle (CRA). Metrology solutions are available from the stand-alone wavefront sensor to the fully automated test station. All solutions benefit from Phasics' unique wavefront measurement technology and perform reliable and comprehensive measurements while staying an easy-to-use metrology tool. Lens test stations (integrated machines and optical test benches) and wavefront sensors are available in the UV, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR bands. Phasics' metrology tools address the needs for lens quality control in R&D and production.

  • ▽ Measurement setup

    Optical setup for the MTF and WFE measurement of large FOV lens

    Phasics offers an exclusive lens measurement principle in single pass.  The optical setup to perform lens quality control is very simple; the wavefront is directly measured with no relay lens.  Calculations then use light propagation theory to provide both wavefront aberrations and the MTF. The MTF is obtained in a single shot at any frequency without using a target or any scanning. All wavefront aberrations are also provided with this single acquisition. 

  • ▽ Automatic field scanning and wavelength change with the Kaleo MTF

    Automatic field scanning and wavelength change with Kaleo MTF - MTF and FWE measurements

    Using the same principle, Phasics has developed the Kaleo MTF machine. The measurement process can be fully defined by the user as they indicate which measurements shall be done and saved by defining the measurement sequence. The bench automatically positions and aligns the lens. No external input parameter is needed to start the measurement and to compute the results. Results are displayed at the end of acquisition and a summary table report is automatically saved.


Measurement outputs

On and Off axis MTF is measured at various wavelengths using KALEO MTF and QWSLI technology

MTF at multiple wavelengths

Wavefront error is measured using KALEO MTF and QWSLI technology

Wavefront aberrations

Geometric and radiometric lens parameters at various wavelengths using KALEO MTF and QWSLI technology

Geometric & radiometric lens parameters


Accurate and reproducible results

  • 0.5% MTF precision 
  • 20 nm RMS OPD accuracy 
  • < 0.05% distortion repeatability 


Simple measurement setup

  • Direct setup: no relay lens, no null lens
  • Automatic sample alignment
  • Automatic wavelength switch

Complete qualification

  • On and off axis MTF and TF MTF
  • Multiple wavelengths
  • OPD in the exit pupil


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