Wavefront Testing Under Thermal & Vacuum Conditions

Still the best optical metrology tool even under harsh conditions

Cutting edge aerospace and defense optics need to be tested in field conditions. This may include turbulence, vibration, cryogenic freezing, vacuum conditions, and more. Phasics' patented QWLSI technology is, by design, very compact and not sensitive to vibrations. Adding years of specific development to this, Phasics proposes devices that meet demanding performances in harsh environments.

  • ▽ In-situ wavefront qualification during TVAC testing

    In-situ qualification of space system set-up with SID4 vacuum

    The Phasics SID4 V is the only high-resolution vacuum-compatible wavefront sensor capable of performing wavefront measurements directly inside the vacuum chamber. Combined with an R-Cube illumination module, our wavefront sensors are perfect for in situ qualification of space systems in double or single-pass configuration.                                                                                                                                     

  • ▽ Wavefront qualification during TVAC testing

    Wavefront monitoring during TVAC testing of space systems with SID4 and R-Cube illumination module

    A similar setup can be achieved by placing the optical test instruments outside of the vacuum chamber.                                                                       


Measurement examples

Wavefront error measurement in air and high vacuum performed with QWSLI (SID4 vacuum wavefront sensor)

Wavefront evolution after pressure drop

Wavefront RMS evolution during temperature cycles measured with SID4-HR wavefront sensor

Wavefront evolution during temperature cycles

SID4-vaccum wavefront sensitivity evolution during pressure drop

SID4-V qualification during pressure drop


Powerful unique technology

  • True achromaticity
  • Large dynamics
  • Multiple wavelength testing

Unique capabilities

  • Vacuum compatibility
  • Small form factor
  • Not sensitive to vibrations

Flexible setups

  • Surface and transmission on & off axis
  • Easy to integrate 
  • Broad range from UV to LWIR


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