Spectral Range UV (190 - 400 nm) VIS - NIR (400 - 1100 nm) SWIR (900 - 1700 nm) eSWIR (1.7 - 2.35 µm) MWIR (3 - 5 μm) LWIR (8 -14 μm)

Phasics Software SID4 HR wavefront sensor PhaseStudio

Developed over four years, PhaseStudio is a significant advancement in wavefront measurement. It represents a major leap forward in the field of metrology solutions to address the specific requirements of photonics innovators.

Key Features

  • Up to 10x faster: Phasics has optimized its algorithms for speed and efficiency, ensuring swift results.
  • Precision through automation: A suite of automated tools to minimize manual intervention, reducing errors and guaranteeing precise measurements through our new beam tracking module.
  • Over 40 new features and options: Take control like never before. With PhaseStudio, you have real-time command over calculations and measurements, allowing easy navigation between folders and recorded measurements.
  • Personalization at its peak: Tailor your experience to your exact requirements and experience a new level of flexibility to manage multiple test benches and measurement configurations on the same device.
  • Effortless project management: PhaseStudio simplifies project and measurement testing, promoting efficient processes.



Compatible applications Laser measurement, optical system alignment and optics testing
The PhaseStudio® software is compatible with the following Microsoft® Windows 10, 64-bit | Microsoft® Windows 11, 64-bit
The following hardware is recommended: Processor Intel® Core i7 2.5 – 5.2GHz | 16GB memory | SSD hard drive 512Go | NVIDIA® graphic card with CUDA compute capability > 5.0 (ex: NVIDIA® RTX A500 4 Go GDDR6)

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