replay of Kaleo MTF, our automated machine for large FOV and High CRA lens testing.

Replay Kaleo MTF Product Demonstration

Aug. 17, 2022

The characterization of a lens or an optical assembly is generally done by measuring its Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) on axis. But it is also necessary to evaluate the wavefront changes induced by the sample, to understand exactly which kind of wavefront aberrations will be generated. This is why we usually measure both Modulation Transfer Function MTF and WaveFront Error (WFE).

In addition, in some markets like AR/VR, autonomous driving cars or smartphones, these optical systems often have large field of views (FOV) and/or high Chief Ray Angle (CRA). Hence, to fully characterize thoses samples, it is necessary to perform off-axis measurements. Phasics offers a test station to completely characterize your small and complex lenses in an automatic way. You just insert your sample, set the sequence of measurement (wavelengths, field and azimuth angles and number of repetitions), and the measurement and analysis are done automatically. This solution is called Kaleo MTF.

If you want to know more just send an email to to access the replay of our Kaleo MTF product demonstration registered a few month ago.

Here is a preview:



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