Phasics changed the design of its entire product range, from standalone wavefront sensors to fully automated test stations

PHASICS upgrades its wavefront sensors: bigger apertures, smaller spatial resolutions, higher samplings, and new design

Aug. 4, 2022

PHASICS, global leader in state-of-the-art optics metrology and imaging solutions, is proud to announce the upgrade of its best-selling product as well as a diversification of its offering, accompanied by a brand-new product design.

Focused on bringing the best instruments to the optics and photonics community, PHASICS re-engineered its best-selling products to grow and improve its wavefront sensor product line. To accompany the diversification and growth of its offering PHASICS has worked on a new product design aligned with PHASICS product image: efficiency, high quality, and robustness.

Discover our new SID4 wavefront sensor specifications:

  • Bigger aperture (+6%)
  • Smaller spatial resolution (2µm smaller)
  • Better sampling (+29% phase pixels)

new SID4 wavefront sensor in Visible and NIR spectral range


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