Slide of agenda of Kaleo MultiWAVE, Phasics multi-wavelength, large dynamaic range interferometer, product demonstration

Replay: Kaleo MultiWAVE product demonstration

May 19, 2022

Have you heard about our Kaleo MultiWAVE?

Kaleo MultiWAVE is a multi-wavelength large dynamic range interferometer. It is designed to charcaterize optics, coated or not, and surface at their design wavelength.

Based on our QWLSI technology, it can integrate up to 8 wavelengths, all in a single instrumen. You will get results comparable to Fizeau interferometer, in a compact and insensitive to vibration and cost-effective solution. And it is available in the UV, NIR, visible, SWIR, MWUR and LWIR range.

To know more, have a look at the video below. It is a preview of a product demonstration we registered a few months ago.

During this demonstration, we characterized different optical components:

  • An optical filter at 940 nm
  • A 75 mm diameter afocal telsecope at 530 nm
  • A 75 mm diameter F/2.7 lens at 625 nm
  • A highly aberrated surface at 625 nm

Interested to watch the full demonstration? Just ask for it at:

Also learn more about Kaleo MultiWAVE here.



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