Product Demonstration: Kaleo MultiWAVE

Product Demonstration: Kaleo MultiWAVE

July 10, 2021

⚠️ Product Demonstration ⚠️

Next Tuesday, on 7/13 at 9 am Pacific Time our US team will host a product demonstration of our Kaleo MultiWAVE, the new multi-wavelength, large dynamic range interferometer. Join us to learn more about this instrument and how it overcomes most of Fizeau interferometer limitations.

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Kaleo MultiWave product demonstration in a nutshell: - Discover a unique instrument designed for optical testing - Watch demonstrations with several typical use cases - See how in a single click the instrument switches between 4 wavelengths - We will perform TWE and RWE measurements and compare the results to Fizeau interferometer. More information about Kaleo MultiWAVE here

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