Webinar replay “Quantitative Phase Imaging for nanophotonics”

Webinar replay “Quantitative Phase Imaging for nanophotonics”

Feb. 26, 2021

An insightful webinar from Dr Guillaume Baffou: “Quantitative Phase Imaging for nanophotonics” is available in replay.

Leveraging subnanometric wavefront sensitivities and diffraction limited resolution, Phasics’ Quadriwave Lateral Shearing Interferometry (QLSI) wavefront measurement technology is a powerful tool for nanophotonics. Implementation is seamless and simply involves mounting Phasics’ SID4-HR or SID4-sC8 quantitative phase camera on any optical microscope. Wavefront and intensity images are calculated live and can serve further advanced analysis. Various nanophotonics parameters are retrieved for applications such as:
Temperature microscopy in thermoplasmonics systems
• Optical characterization of 2D materials (mapping of the optical complex conductivity)
• Nanoparticles characterization (complex optical polarizability, optical cross sections)

Learn more about this vibrant field of research on Guillaume Baffou website.
Contact us for more details on the SID4-HR and SID4-sC8 quantitative phase cameras.



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