Measure the TWE of your optical systems at their working wavelengths


The qualification of the transmitted wavefront error (TWE) and surface figure error (SFE) of optical systems or filters at the designed wavelength after coating can be challenging to achieve. Indeed, most of the metrology is performed with 633 nm HeNe Fizeau interferometers. For optics and coating manufacturers, Phasics provides Kaleo MultiWAVE dynamic interferometers and modular wavefront sensing solutions.  The Phasics solution set covers a large wavelength range: UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR offering a large choice for the test wavelengths.

picture of a reflective optical component

Surface Figure Error (SFE) measurement with high dynamic

Complex optical coating induces stress to the optical surface. This stress leads to surface deformation, thanks to Phasics technology's high dynamic range, it is possible to perform accurate surface figure measurement even with tens of microns of departure.

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complex optical system with a large lens

Measure optical systems at their working wavelength

Phasics' optical testing solutions and wavefront sensors are available from ultraviolet to longwave infrared, making it possible to perform the wavefront testing at the designed wavelength of the components and optical systems.

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stack of 3 optical filters

Optical filters qualification TWE and RWE

Accurate metrology of optical filters must be performed at the design wavelength. The Phasics Kaleo MultiWAVE includes in a single instrument up to 8 test wavelengths and performs transmitted wavefront error and reflected wavefront error measurements.

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