Quantitative phase imaging for cytology

The Phasics quantitative phase microscopy solution allows analyzing large living-cell populations at the single-cell level. It delivers a comprehensive dataset of accurate quantitative parameters for individual cells such as: morphology (surface, shape factor…), dry mass, and many phase-shift-related parameters (density, homogeneity, proteins distribution... ). Thus it is ideal for multiple assays as an automated image cytometer.

  • Artefact-free images: ensure robust and automated segmentation and measurements
  • Label-free technique: allows long time-lapse microscopy for non-invasive cellular study: motility, proliferation, monitoring of cell cycle, apoptosis, viability, differentiation, cytotoxicity…
  • Merging with fluorescence microscopy: to get a comprehensive dataset at the cellular and molecular level
  • Easy integration to high-content screening platform: provides valuable quantitative data combined with machine learning algorithms to enable automated diagnosis
  • ▽ Measurement setup

    Plug and play Quantitative Phase Imaging camera used in for cytology

    Dry mass and morphometric parameters are proven indicators of many cell mechanisms: viability (apoptosis detection…), cell growth (cell cycle status, proliferation…), and cell differentiation based on phenotypic characteristics. They also reveal cell abnormalities: shape change, heterogeneity, presence of parasites… They are useful parameters to identify and monitor cells in a large population.

    It can be applied to:

    • Cancer cell proliferation & growth rate monitoring
    • Pharmacology research: drug screening, drug discovery, cytotoxicity assays
    • Bioprocess: Cell culture monitoring, microbiology
    • Blood testing: Red blood cell pathology identification such as anemia type identification, parasitemia calculation
    • Stem cell monitoring & selection in regenerative medicine
  • ▽ Applications gallery

    Cell growth and apoptose for cancer reseach

    Bio production and microbiology


    Blood testing

    Drug testing and toxicology


Easy to integrate

  • Easiest QPI technique to integrate
  • Compatible with high-content screening
  • Multi-parametric single-cell classification via artificial intelligence

Highly Reliable Measurement

  • Automated segmentation and analysis 
  • Artefact-free images
  • High-sensitivity phase measurement

Label-Free Imaging

  • No photobleaching
  • Fast protocol
  • Cell monitoring over long period of time


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