Optics & Optical Systems Metrology

Solutions for optical components and systems qualification: modulation transfer function (MTF), wavefront aberrations, surface measurement ...

Phasics offers a full range of metrology tools for optics quality control, optical system alignment, and surface measurement dedicated to both production and R&D environments. Phasics' metrology instruments span from the stand-alone wavefront sensor to the automated test station. Solutions are available from UV to far IR and perform comprehensive measurements while staying easy-to-use and versatile metrology instruments. Measured parameters include: modulation transfer function (MTF) wavefront aberrations, surface form, and surface quality. 


Lens & assembly testing


Optical system alignment


Testing at the designed wavelength

Kaleo MTF with sample holder open. Qualification of large FOV large CRA lenses

Quality control of large field-of-view lenses


Filters and polarizing optics metrology

Metasurfaces and metaoptics qualification with SID4 sC8 wavefront sensor integrated on an optical microscope

Metalenses and metasurfaces qualification


Surface topography measurement

a vacuum chamber a SID4 HR wavefront sensor and R-cube illumination module illuminating performing TVAC wavefront testing

Environmental testing (TVAC)


Flexibility of the test configuration 

  • Single pass or double pass
  • On axis or in the field
  • Any source laser, LED, black body

Single-shot complete acquisition 

  • Wavefront and aberrations
  • MTF (any direction, through focus)
  • Parameters (EFL, F/#, NA, PSF)

Broad range of solutions

  • UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR
  • Standalone wavefront sensors
  • Fully automated test station