Laser Beam Testing

Complete beam parameters metrology: Single-shot beam profiler + wavefront aberration measurement

Based on its proprietary patented technology, Phasics' wavefront sensors simultaneously provide both phase and intensity measurements with unrivalled high resolution. The SID4 wavefront sensor combined with its beam-analysis software delivers a complete diagnostic of the laser: wavefront aberrations, intensity profiles, laser beam quality parameters (M2, waist size, and position, ...). The qualification is performed in a single-shot acquisition. Phasics' wavefront analyzer can be positioned at any point of the optical setup, whether the beam is collimated or diverging. The Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors are suitable for any laser, continuous or pulsed from UV to far IR, including broadband tunable sources, petawatt laser chains, etc.

  • ▽ Direct measurement of collimated and diverging beams

    Setup showing the direct laser measurement with SID4 wavefront sensor collimated and diverging beam

    The Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors are easy to use, and the integration on the optical setup is very flexible. Indeed, SID4 wavefront sensors can accommodate both collimated and diverging beams. No relay optics are needed: once the SID4 wavefront sensor is aligned, in a few clicks, you will get access to the complete laser parameters in a single-shot measurement.


Measurements Examples

High resolution wavefront measurements performed with QWLSI technology

Wavefront aberrations

Intensity map of a laser measured with visible SID4-HR wavefront sensor

Near & far field intensity

Laser beam parameters (M2, waist size and position, divergence) measured with SID4-HR wavefront sensor

Laser parameters


Single-shot complete testing 

  • Wavefront
  • Intensity profiles
  • Beam parameters

Unrivalled performances

  • Up to 852 x 720 sampling points
  • Up to 500 μm PV
  • Nanometric sensitivity

Easy Integration

  • No relay lens even with high NA beams
  • Compact measurement  
  • Insensitive to vibrations



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