Powerful wavefront measurement tool for ADAS lenses and LiDAR


With the emergence of self-driving cars, photonics devices are omnipresent in the automotive industry. Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are part of every future self-driving car. Phasics provides various test instruments and setups to characterize LiDAR and ADAS systems. 

Automobile sensing system wireless communication

Windshields and filters qualification

Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE) measurement for windshields, LiDAR windows, and filters is accessible at multiple wavelengths thanks to a broad range of integrated metrology test stations and wavefront sensors covering visible, NIR, and SWIR bands.

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LIDAR sensor on an autonomous car

Single-shot LiDAR qualification

With the Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors, it is possible to qualify the laser and optical assembly of LiDAR systems. In a single measurement and without any relay optics, it is possible to qualify the wavefront, intensity and laser beam parameters. 

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ADAS camera lens

ADAS objective lens benchmarking

Selecting the right objective lens for ADAS modules is critical and the possibilities are plenty. The Kaleo MTF provides a complete assessment of wide-angle objectives performance and outputs a complete quality report to help with the final decision.

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