Reliable and robust wavefront sensor for a seamless integration   


In addition to a large, off-the-shelf product range, Phasics also develops tailor-made wavefront sensors and custom optical test benches to answer OEM integrator requirements. Phasics’ custom wavefront sensing solutions are integrated in production lines for optics and systems quality control and in photonic instruments for laser and optical system performance monitoring.

OEM integration with software development kit

Tailored for OEM integration

The SID4 wavefront sensors are as compact as a scientific camera, very robust (with no moving parts), and offer great capabilities in terms of wavefront resolution, accuracy, and sampling. Moreover, Phasics has the capability to develop customized SID4 wavefront sensors and software development kits (SDK) compatible with Linux and Windows are available to ease the integration into OEM projects. Phasics' team is composed of highly skilled engineers, with backgrounds in metrology, instrumentation, and software development ready to provide support.

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SID4 wavefront sensor integrated on a production line measuring the optical quality of windshields

Production line integration

For automated quality control, Phasics’ SID4 wavefront sensors and optics metrology test instruments can be integrated into production lines and automated optics metrology measurement stations. Measurements such as material homogeneity, index of refraction distribution, surface qualification, optical systems wavefront error, and lens modulation transfer function are calculated in a single-shot measurement. Measurement setups are easy to integrate thanks to the flexibility of Phasics' wavefront measurement technology.

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SID4 wavefront sensor integrated in a lithography machine for semiconductor manufacturing

Instrumentation integration

Large-scale photonic instruments such as lithography machines for semiconductor manufacturing, optronics systems for defense applications, and multi-petawatt laser facilities rely on complex optical designs. In such instruments, the wavefront quality must be controlled. The SID4 wavefront sensors are integrated in beam metrology platforms for laser parameters monitoring. Also, laser optimization can be implemented by coupling the wavefront measurement with deformable mirrors to perform laser optimization using the OASys adaptive opics software.

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