Versatile wavefront sensors, adaptive optics loops and plasma metrology


Ultrafast and ultra-high-intensity laser facilities must guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality focused beams. At these intensity levels qualifying accurately and controlling the laser wavefront and parameters can be challenging.

To support those challenges, Phasics offers SID4 wavefront sensors and OASys adaptive optics solutions not only to measure but also to correct and optimize the laser beam and focal spot on target. Phasics also proposes solutions to perform plasma and gas jet metrology with the Density software module.

ultra intense laser system green pump light

Laser testing, alignment, and monitoring

In ultrafast, ultra-intense laser experiments the qualification of the laser beam and the focusing quality are critical parameters to monitor in order to guarantee the success of the experimental campaigns. SID4 wavefront sensors are compact and easy-to-use tools compatible with TW and PW lasers.

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laser focalized created a bright focal spot

Adaptive optics: Focal spot correction in real time

Optimizing laser-matter interactions in high-power laser facilities strongly relies on the performance of the adaptive optics loop. Phasics offers adaptive optics loops to improve the laser quality where it really matters by measuring the wavefront at the target location under vacuum conditions.

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Gas and plasma density measurement through vacuum chamber window

Plasma and gas jet density measurement

Controlling the plasma conditions is key to ensure a bright, stable, and reproducible secondary source. The densities of plasmas and gases can be directly deduced from the wavefront measured with SID4. The measurement is easy to implement and not sensitive to environmental turbulences.

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