Annoucement of Phasics presentation of its new Kaleo MTF, an automated machine for large FOV and high CRA lens testing, during EPIC Members New product Release next Tuesday October 5 2021, 4 PM

EPIC New Product Release - Kaleo MTF

Sept. 24, 2021

Are you working with complex lenses in the ADAS, AR/VR or smartphone industry?

Are you having trouble when trying to check accurately their optical quality?

Especially for those with large field of views and high CRA?


Phasics has the solution for you with its new Kaleo MTF.

If you want to know more, attend our talk during next EPIC Members New Product Release, Tuesday October 5 at 4 PM CET on EPIC youtube channel. Our colleague Nolan Chan will introduce its new features.

Register here if you want to participate and ask questions:



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