SID4 Element

Spectral Range VIS - NIR (400 - 1100 nm)

Phasics SID4 Element quantitative phase imaging solution

The SID4 Element combines a sCMOS camera with Phasics' QPI technology to provide the most accurate quantitative phase images to life science. Its large field of view suits large cell population imaging. The system also enables easy merging of phase and fluorescence images.

Key Features

  • 10 μm phase pixel: best possible spatial resolution, even at low magnification
  • Large field of view, adjustable with acquisition speed
  • Artefact-free and instantaneous phase image


Material inspection Quantitative Phase Imaging


Wavelength range 400 - 800 nm
Field of view Up to 8.52 x 7.20 mm
Image size (phase pixels) Up to 852 x 720 pixels
Lateral resolution  (Phase image pixels cell size) 10 µm without magnification
Resolution (Phase) < 2 nm RMS up to 0.1 nm with averaging
Acquisition rate Up to 40Hz
Microscope interface C-mount
Computer interface USB 3.0

These specifications are given for the combination with a sCMOS Zyla 5.5 camera. Other combinations available upon request.

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